Friday, December 7, 2012

The Sixth Day of Zahra

...I offer you six Mammens (including you, little Z2).

Littlest lollipop. It dawned on me yesterday that you might think you are the fourth Mammen, but really you are the sixth. (Not counting the Mammens your daddy loved very much and lost.) Let me introduce you.

You are very familiar with Zayd and I. He is the one always trying to hug you, even while he sleeps. You will probably be shown a LOT of affection once you make it out of mommy's belly.

For the record, here is Mommy when she was skinny. This is from Mommy and Daddy's wedding. We were very very happy that day, just like we are very very happy now to be getting a little daughter to love.

Here are the original three Mammens at Mommy and Daddy's wedding. Lookin' good, right?

This is your Umma Chi with Zayd when he was just four months old. You will be four months old soon and you will get to see your Umma Chi too!

And here is your beautiful Auntie Sonia. She gives the best presents (just ask Zayd!) and if you are lucky people will tell you that you have her eyelashes! You beautiful Auntie Ambi took this picture but sadly she is not a Mammen. You can check out her photos here, though!

So, thats it. Just six Mammens. It's an elite club to belong to. If mommy gets her way, there will be more...ha ha ha!

Somehow, you have a HUGE family but in very small packets. A few Saleems, a few Turners, a very few Helleotes(es), and some funny names like Goozh!,  a LOT of Holders and a LOT of Khans! There is time. You will come to know them all.

Because they all love you!

PS Maybe Uncle Jon and Auntie Andie can up the Saleem numbers...

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