Monday, December 31, 2012

Taking Stock of Twenty Twelve

I'm lying in bed with Zahra lightly snoring on my chest, Sam at the neighbors house fortifying our Mahncke Park relationships, and Zayd long since asleep. Perfection.

What a wonderful year.

Zayd turned one and I got to throw the party of MY dreams. Sam has already warned me that there will be no more fruit or vegetable parties in Zayd's future. Our son has favorites now and that will dictate our party themes for the next ... 17? ... years. This makes me wonder how long I will get to throw birthday parties for the lentil and lollipop. I had never considered that it is a really finite number until that last sentence.

Sam and I escaped to Europe, living like the young adventurers that we are or at least used to be.

Zahra is definitely a highlight from the year.

Not only did Zayd get a new sister but I did too!

We hired an architect to design the bathroom of our dreams. And she did!

For what I honestly believe was the first time in my life, I slowed down the pace of my life. As a family we have spent every weekend since the end of September in our own home. That is the longest I have ever gone without packing a suitcase since I left.for college in 2001. I consider it a real sign of growth for me.

We attended the first ever labor day bash with my best bryn mawr ladies and company. It was a highlight and something I hope to recreate again and again.

We took Zayd on his first trip to New York!

I made/grew some wonderful friendships with a few lovely Mahncke Park mamas. To be honest, I (we!) put down roots outside of Houston. I must really be growing up!

So, what's in store for next year? I feel slightly uninspired in the resolution department but here are some I have and some I stole.

Give warm greetings and farewells in our home.
Figure out a way to display the photos I keep ordering. Then implement it.
Learn how to use my new DSLR.
Print this blog in a book!
Get real about having date night!
Build the bathroom of our dreams.
Teach Zayd about giving and charity. I think he's ready.
Be a better friend. When I think about the people I love, there is no one outside my children, husband and parents that I think I work hard enough to earn and keep the relationship. I have so many people that I love dearly and fail to show it month after month, or in some cases day after day.

Eeks. It's midnight and I am pretty terrified about all this fireworks  ruckus and my sleeping babes. Wish me luck - I'm outnumbered!

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