Thursday, December 20, 2012


I often say that I want four kids. My mom has seven siblings and my dad has nine so I never understood how my brother and I ended up as a duo. Four has always seemed like a perfect number - my mom is actually from two sets of four, and my brother and I were extremely close with our two cousins thus recreating the quad-effect.

Sam, on the other hand tells everyone that we are done. The Mammen family is complete.
I know I'd love more kids, but I love my husband too and so I've been rolling the idea around in my head.

With one sibling, you never have to pick your favorite. I would feel terrible if some other Saleem had come after my baby brother. They wouodnt  stand a chance! I cant imagine another kiddo that could go up against my love of my baby brother. Yes, I'm referring to the one who got married this year and will turn 28 in just two weeks - that baby. My first baby.

I've been telling Zayd a lot about being an older sibling lately. I told him how amazing it is to get to help someone you love learn about and navigate the world. And when they succeed, you feel so happy because you think maybe you helped so many years ago. And when they need help, you feel lucky to get to be that person they go to. With a sibling you get an automatic best friend, the person you will know the longest throughout your life.

I told Zayd that I have loved my brother for almost 30 years, and that I was going to have the next 60 years with him as my brother. Zayd loves Zahra now. Can you imagine the relationship they get to build over the next 100 years? It's hard to top a love like that.

You also never have to pick your favorite son or daughter, niece or nephew!

Jon with baby Zayd!

Then there is this business of having four, having a full dinner table with your siblings. I've come to realize that I'm working my way up to four, just slowly. In 2009, I married Sam and got a sister. Then this year Jon married Andrea and doubled my sister quotient. So, I'm already to three siblings, three aunts and uncles for my lemon and lollipop. And, when the time is right, we'll get another wedding and a new uncle/brother in law! That will make four. Maybe the Z's will be just as lucky in matrimony and sibling-making!

Two Christmas's ago - pregnant with Zayd!

Because when I say I want four kids it isn't particularly because I think having four KIDS sounds ideal, but having four SIBLINGS seems amazing. Maybe I give Zayd and Zahra all the siblings daddy can handle, then send them out into the world to build on what they've got.

Here's a little bit of the ones I love and count in my eternal and eternally flexible "foursome".

The original foursome!

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