Friday, December 7, 2012

On the Seventh Day of Zahra...

...Mommy told you about the seven things big brother Zayd loves to do with you.

Zayd loves:

  1. Singing you patty cake
  2. Marking you with a "Z"
  3. Hugging you
  4. Kissing you
  5. Trying to feed you a bottle through Mommy's belly button
  6. Snuggling with you in the morning while he drinks his bottle
  7. Trying to fit a diaper around you even though you are still in Mommy's tummy...this is the most tricky
Hopefully, most of these things can continue once you are born. I am hoping that the obsession with my belly has some transference to your actual being but haven't calculated exactly how obsessed I would like Zayd to be with you given he is 100% obsessed with my belly. I can see how it might overwhelm a one-day old to be responsible for all that love. :) 

And while I won't let him diaper you, I maybe did agree to let him be in charge of the coconut oil we will use as diaper cream. Only time will tell us what that means exactly.

Love and can't wait to meet you!

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