Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Mammens

We had a wonderful tiny Christmas this year. One that was a first in many ways.
  1. It was literally Zahra's first Christmas.
  2. It was our first Christmas in San Antonio.
  3. It was the first Christmas where Zayd cared to open gifts.
  4. It was our first Christmas without the whole Holder/Saleem/ Turner clan (and I missed them all!)
  5. It was our first Christmas featuring filet mignon. (Which you can't do with 40 people but you can with 4!)

It turned out to be a very pleasant day and felt Christmasy despite the absence of so many things (mostly people!) that I normally use to define the holiday season. We had two sessions of gift openings because Zayd didn't have the patience to open more gifts until he had played with the first round and Zahra woke up and demanded her newborn needs be met! We ate at the normal time and mommy enjoyed dairy-restricted fare while the other adults ate the aforementioned steak and Zayd snacked on peanuts. Dessert on the porch was a nice touch before the cold front blew in last night and Nani was clutch with the champagne. I like that people drank from fancy glasses, Nani and Sam like the actual champagne. Its a win win. The highlights would definitely be Zayd walking in his new cowboy boots, playing with his Montessori-inspired rainbow sorting and scooping set, Zahra in her slightly ridiculous tutu, and just having everyone together. I'm so grateful to my parents for forgoing the normal Houston festivities to help us have a little Christmas cheer just two weeks after Zahra was born. It wouldn't have been Christmas without them.

P.S. Zayd asks where his Nini is everyday. Nini is Zayd's new word for Auntie Andie.

P.P.S. If the video is too small, which I think it is, you can view it larger here