Saturday, December 1, 2012

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I have always always loved Christmas. I love decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, receiving, all of it. My mom recently suggested we make some changes to our traditional consumer-driven Christmas and admitted she thought I might burst into tears at the suggestion, which really pointed out to me how much I like Christmas MORE than everyone around me. That being said, I think my mother's ideas were great and am trying to create a holiday for my kids that is special and full of tradition without being a financial drain or an overwhelming event, especially not for the kids. There are only so many toys you can enjoy at one time, and I am firmly committed to limiting the buying and upping the joy year after year. I wrote this last year, but I have instituted a three present rule that I hope to stick to for the next couple decades. Last year it was
  1. A Pretend Box that had multiple small gifts in it: two puppets, a pretend tool belt, a Super Z cape, I sewed for the lentil, and wooden sushi set.
  2. Super Grover the talking stuffed animal
  3. I CAN'T REMEMBER! This is stressing me out. I will come back to this.
This year will have to stay a secret for case Z is reading the blog...

We managed to squeeze in a little holiday cheer on Friday after work at the San Antonio Children's Museum Christmas Festival. We enjoyed Blue Bell Gingerbread House Ice Cream (delish!), fresh cookies and milk from Bird Bakery right down the street from us, and a trip to see Santa. Zayd was afraid (as he has been often since Halloween night) but after he watched an older boy go up and smile and laugh with Santa he was willing to take a photo. I was SO PROFUSELY proud of him. He was a little unsure but we talked it over and he agreed to sit for just one picture. (We got two out of him since Santa had candy canes!)

A smile with Santa

 We let him enjoy his favorite SACM activity afterwards and did a little faux shopping. Zayd only wanted to buy waffles on this Christmas inspired evening. He was too distracted by his candy cane.

I also owe you a true post about our Second Annual Devine Acre Farm Mammen Family Christmas Tree Expedition. (Need a snappier title...)

This year, we also toyed with getting a tiny tree like our tiny elf...

But unlike last year, while we did settle on a bigger tree, we didn't go for quite the fattest one on the lot. We also learned from our experience last year and got a hypo-allergenic breed which still ended up giving both Sam and I a rash as we got it home and decorated.

This year, Zayd was intent on helping and even brought his own saw (from the Pretend Box!) to help with the sawing! I love this year's tree. The top of it reminds me of a Dr Suess book.

My two favorite men getting the tree of mommy's dreams

Proud of their work!
 I really don't like to see photos of myself nowadays but figured I would be remiss to not get a family shot with both children. I can't wait to compare this to NEXT year. :) I might need two leashes to not loose the lentil and lollipop in the forest of evergreens!

After we got the holiday to-do list out of the way, we headed over to the Devine Acre Farms playground that really is pretty awesome. Zayd had a great time organizing all of the pea gravel!

So, there you have it, two traditions out of the way and its only December 1st: our farm tree and pics with Santa. Mommy is on a roll!

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