Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sorting and Stacking and Destroying, Oh My!

One of Zayd's current favorite activities is sorting things, especially if it involves finding things to sort. This has created quite a few adventures for us lately, many revolving around fallen acorns or pecans. We spent a Tuesday morning at Landa Library recently collecting all of the acorns and sorting them into our stacking matroshkas that Auntie Erin bought for mommy's kitchen many moons ago and have been repurposed as one of Zayd's favorite containers. They come everywhere with us.

It's great to watch him consider each acorn and where it should be placed. I wish I knew the criteria for sorting but I do it wrong EVERY TIME. :)

Time to add one pile to the next. It's a science thing.

The hunt continues.

Somehow Zayd never uses his hands to stand up. No matter what position he is in.

I'm taller!

Mommy likes photos more than Z does. :(

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