Friday, October 12, 2012

Playing Ketchup

There is no way to catch up on all that I have missed while we've been

  • travelling
  • without a camera
  • at my brother and sister in law's wedding
  • dealing with sciatic pain that has pretty much knocked me down
But, here are a few quick updates
  • We bought a king size bed to fit our soon to be family of four.
  • Zahra now owns a few items of clothing and I have packed her take home outfit. (Still 61 days left but who is counting. It's funny because I am getting prepared in case things happen early but if things DID happen early, the newborn clothes I packed and the Birth Center bag I am preparing for myself would surely do us no good with a preemie in the hospital. But it feels nice to cross things off the list.)
  • Zayd is anemic and we have had to restrict his calcium intake to allow for better iron absorbtion
  • less milk = better eating but EVERYTHING has to have ketchup on it
    • This week I watched him eat 4 bites of butternut squash and a (single) leaf of baby spinach - amazing! He's also been devouring eggs and enjoyed some slightly spicy pad thai.
  • Zayd's sleeping has gotten better since we decided to stay put in our sweet home. I probably just jinxed it so let me caveat and say we still have 5:30 wakeups but he seems better rested and more content.
  • We are expecting architectural drawings of our soon-to-be-expanded bathroom any day now. Yeah!
  • I have started a craigslist binge and am selling anything I can convince Sam we don't need.
Here are just a few photos from our trip to MD.

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