Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nesting much?

So, the amount of money that has been flowing through my fingers in recent weeks is...I can't come up with an adjective. We have lots and lots of packages arriving on our front porch or in the back of my SUV. And I am LOVING it.

What have we been buying you ask?
What havent we (let's be honest its 100% me) been buying?

With Zayd we followed the advice to try a bunch of different bottles in case they will only take to a particular nipple. I have a bagillion different bottles that all work differently *this* bottle needs a ring in it, *that* bottle  is too thick to heat up properly, *the other* bottle is so wide mouthed he can't breathe out of his nose. So, to the donation pile for most of them and we are going Avent all the way.
A bottle warmer. With Zayd we tried the "use warm water to warm frozen milk" and I am never doing that again.
What family of four doesn't require a king size euro-top mattress set?

This has arrived and is set up (and overtaking) our living room and I think I LOVE it. :)

I am not messing around with a wooden rocker ANYMORE. Give me the cushy overstuffed glider; it's worth every penny.

An awesome storage bed from World Market to go with our new mattresses. (Also, sheets and comforters and pillows, oh my!)

CHRISTMAS! My Christmas shopping is in full gear. Stocking stuffers are well underway for all three of my Mammen elves.
Socks with handles so Zayd can put them on himself!

A balance bike!
And lastly, some CLOTHES! (A ton more than these but here are a select few highlights.)

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the little outfits!!! They're sooo cuuute!!!!