Monday, September 17, 2012

Zayd, Zahra and the Baltimore Museum of Industry

Recently we had the pleasure of attending some the wedding of our dear friends in Maryland and had an amazing fun filled week of "family", family, and friends!

Dada Mammen was a groomsmen in the wedding and Zayd and I spent the afternoon of the rehearsal exploring the grounds of the Baltimore Museum of Industry. He was adorable. He was curious. He was entertaining himself. It was just such a great afternoon. And such a funny contrast to Sam's description of stressful days trying to tend to Zayd's every whim. One of us is the more laid back parent and you would NEVER guess which one of us it is. (Side funny story, Sam has bought Zayd a gym membership so Sam can work out and Zayd can play in the supervised kiddie area. They have not yet lasted more than 12 minutes because Sam can watch Zayd on closed circuit tv while he runs on the treadmill and is always darting off to rescue the little lentil, often from a renegade four year old who won't share. It's adorable on both parts.)

Zayd contemplates jumping the four feet down.

Zayd has a thought.


Machinery/monkey bars!

Zayd spent nearly twenty minutes gathering sea shells and carrying them across the way to lay them in a crack. It was so cute to see him hard at work. He was organizing with purpose. Since then we have done a lot of sorting, gathering, and relocating of tons of tiny objects - peanuts, carrots, dried beans. 

He was just a tad too short.

But 100% determined.

And the best few shots of this little Mammenito that you ever did see. Pink cheeked and gleeful.

Finally a family photo, belly shot and all. Zayd still pushing on, "Come on mom, let's play."

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. You are right-these are some GREAT pictures of him! What a beautiful, curious, sweet boy you have. I'm also dying laughing over the Sam/Zayd gym story. That's amazing.