Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Post About Zahra

We took a family trip to the San Antonio Birth Center yesterday to get a listen to Zahra and talk about our general well being. Zayd was a pretty good sport, but this isn't a post about the lentil, its about our little lollipop that will be arriving before you know it and has enjoyed little fanfare to date!

Here is the grand total of purchases the Mammens have made for little Zahra:

  • three winter newborn outfits to get her through the chilly days
  • we bought Zayd a booster seat so Zahra could have the high chair - does that count?
  • three Grovia diaper shells in purple
  • a random flowery pocket diaper that was actually a trade so not technically a purchase
I think that is it. We decided with the midwife yesterday that with Zayd nearing toddler-bed age and Zahra most likely spending at least the first six months in our room that we were better off not getting her a full size crib. It was a convincing argument that it would be very simple to add a crib after she is born if we feel it is necessary and would be annoying to have a full crib taking up space that she doesn't need. Sold.

Now, I feel less sure of what items will classify us as "ready!" since a crib was a major sign to me that we were prepared. (Though we are about 100 years away from prepared and we actually have way less than 100 days (83).)

But what to we really need?
  • A double stroller but not in any hurry since I know she will be wrapped up tight next to me for quite some time
  • I'd like to get a winter weight wrap, something wool and snuggly
  • I've never had a winter baby but I presume she needs some warmer things - jackets, hats, those bunting things?
  • Socks - none of Zayd's socks have survived to cover the feet of a second child
  • A recliner big enough to sit me, the lentil, and the lolli. Maybe even a recliner big enough for me the lentil and the lolli to nap. This is why I don't want a crib. I want the world's biggest, plushest recliner.
That's all I can come up with. :) Actually, it feels good to write it down. The only thing that really sticks out to me is socks. She needs socks. I think I can do that. Maybe I will even do it tomorrow. Make a Done is Good list, buy 20 pairs of socks, and call it a day.

I've taken Zayd's name off the wall above the changing table and hung a pretty Z instead. He still has his Zayd standing on top of the moon holding an American flag decal though. Oh! I DO DEFINITELY NEED a Zahra the astronaut. Also easy.


I have called Zahra handsy or footsy on here a few times and yesterday with an expert midwife in tow, we were able to map out the little lollipop and figure out why she can be punching me in all places at all times: she is laying straight across my body, face up, but pretty low. She can kick one side, punch the other, and not have to move more than a hand or foot. With Zayd, his placenta stood between him and the front of my belly, with Zahra its high in my body and she has free reign to kick the walls of my/her womb. I feel like we are often negotiating space. She will take a sharp tiny elbow and attempt to burrow some extra real estate from my sides. Then I will gently push her back inside the normal confines of my belly and she will settle on something a little more spacious without having to puncture my skin. :) Twice a week, I let out a yelp because she has simply shocked me with her gumption. She's my girl, I suppose.

One FANTASTIC thing about Zahra so far is that she is up during the day, especially active from 9am-3pm and sleeps at night. Yay! I used to worry with the lentil because I wouldn't feel him all day and had to wait until bedtime for him to come alive. (Pretty consistent with the pattern he has tried to maintain since being born 17 months ago.) Zahra is asleep before I am and I am almost never disturbed by her pushy acrobatics after 6pm. Keep it up little lollipop. Mama likes to sleep too.

 If I get ten minutes I think I will make her a hat. Most likely in yellow. I have decided that yellow is her favorite color.

If I only get two free minutes between now and her birth, I will buy her a cute chunky wool hat and aplique flowers onto it.


And maybe in either event she and the lentil need matching hats for the cold Texas nights. (Mostly sarcastic, but I am buying these hats!)

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  1. So so so so cute! We can't wait to meet you, little sweetheart!!!