Thursday, August 30, 2012

Looking Ahead, a monthly breakdown

When I was pregnant with Zayd I was accused of never posting enough pictures. Then this little lentil came along, turned out to be stunningly handsome, and all I ever do is post pictures. Very rarely do I find the time for some motherly musing accompanying photographs. It's hard to find the balance I want between living my life and documenting it (and let's be honest, sleeping).

Here is what I hope will be a rather wordy musing on the state of the Mammen household and how the tail of 2012 is shaping up.

Today: Today I seem overwhelmingly obsessed with purging this house of unneccesarry things.  It started in Zayd's room. Newborn hats? This newborn will almost surely get new hats so if it wasn't received as a gift or handmade its going out. Same with bibs. Zayd never wore a bib that I can recall yet we have a ton that are stained beyond resale so either my pregnancy brain is rewriting history or someone has been sneaking in our house to use our baby bibs for a year. Toys he never loved, out. Miracle workers that were supposed to make him sleep, ha. I angrily purged those. (Though these days everyone in the Mammen manor is sleeping better, Z gets up between 5-5:30 and sleeps in our bed till 6-6:30. I couldn't want for more.)  Vases that say baby boy, thermometers (why do we have four infant thermometers?), books on sign language (he never read the books and he is still an expert signer, turns out all we needed was the internet), any number of random things. And, the moral of this rant is that this purging feels so good. I have a short while to make my 1920's Greek Revival Cottage big enough for four and I am up to the challenge.

Today: I am six months and one week pregnant to a footsy little girl!


Creepy I Know

Next week: We will be  visiting friends and family on our week long trip to Maryland. Absolutely can't wait.

Last year! How time flies!

One month from now: My baby brother is getting married. So so so happy. (He is AND I am-what luck and what a special lady!)
The love birds

One month from now my other baby (Zayd) will be 18 months old. That means the day after Jon's wedding, Zayd will be closer to 2 than 1! (Speaking of, I am  considering an airplane themed party come March.) Hysterically, he will still be wearing 12 month shorts.

Turns out Zayd does not like dried Apricots but Currants are in!

Two months from now: The first of my bestest friends turns 30. This starts the chain of October - December birthdays in which I and my two besties bid farewell to our 20's. How will we celebrate? We're working on it. :)

Three months from now: We will be celebrating our last holiday as a family of three. Or, heck, maybe we'll be celebrating our first holiday as a family of four. Stranger things have happened.
3.5 months from now: We will have a little Zahra Mammen to snuggle. I can't wait to smell her little head, see he much hair she has and kiss her tiny feet. Really, it delights me to think about. Three months from now we will have four monkeys in our bed every morning at 5:30!

Why would you not schedule snuggle time from 5:30-6 EVERY DAY?

Four months from now: Zayd will open his three presents from Sam and I and a million from Nana and Nani on his second Christmas. Zahra will look adorable in her matching Mammen family Christmas pajamies.

Four months from now I will not get Z a bad haircut just before Christmas

And then it will be 2013. We will not be having a baby in 2013. Just as a looking ahead heads up. ;)

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts ever! I love the labels for the sonograms-look at the FOOT! Is it just me or is she pointing her toes? That's an adorable one of Zayd with the dried fruit. I can't wait to SQUEEZE him in a just a few days!!!