Friday, June 8, 2012

Zayd Takes (Central) New York

We just spent a relaxing week in Utica, NY enjoying time with friends, family, and our little guy Zayd. It had been quite some time since the three of us spent 192 consecutive hours together and it was awesome. Zayd and his DaDa were just the cutest and I loved getting to see them enjoy some real "guy" time.

Sam had a week full of adventures planned for the lentil, just like he had planned for me five years ago. First off, the children's museum. It was a crazy place chock full of activities and kiddoes without a whole lot of organization. This was Zayd's wonderland. 

Look at that focus!

 Below you can see Z enjoying some truly manly activities. (Don't worry, his favorite home activity is sweeping so he will make a great husband one day!)

Riding horses. Does this kid look 3 or what?

Racing (and crashing) cars!

 Operating the Central NY train switch system.

Sam and Zayd had a great time passing this old train switchboard phone back and forth. They were so cute, they actually were filmed for the local news. Those must be two good looking fellows.

The next day we braved the weather and headed first to Bank of Utica to let Zayd run around in the check processing room and wreak havoc the way his Daddy used to back in the day. ;) THen, it was off to the Utica Zoo.

Which one do you like more:

We had a separate day spent at Rough and Tumble which I can't recommend highly enough. Mommy, Daddy and Zayd got to bounce in the bouncy house, climb a 30 foot-tall obstacle course, and play with a million baby toys. We were too busy to take photos that you have to imagine.

On another (ANOTHER!) rainy afternoon, we headed to Chuck E Cheese in desperation. I wasn't sure Zayd was old enough and he pretty much isn't. Sam and I had an awesome time and we killed 2 hours so I guess its a win win.

Uncle Jon will be so proud:

Eyes on the prize:

 After the horsey started moving the lentil wanted nothing to do with it so Daddy took over.

The best thing we did was have a photo shoot with Sam's super talented cousin Ambi. But we will have to wait to see those...

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