Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The weather here in Texas has turned unbearable. (Though while listening to NPR DC today I heard it was supposed to get near the 100s sometime soon and then I didn't feel so bad. It may be hot here, but if its hot everywhere, at least I don't have state income tax!)

Anyway, to beat the heat, Zaydie, the Manny, and I have all joined the San Antonio Children's Museum. They have three special activities a week dedicated to kids Z's age and I am psyched to spend more time in downtown proper.

First up, there is an awesome ball room and the lentil was in love. He LOVES to throw balls and he is getting a great arm.

Then we headed for our main event - the weekly Sensory Art project. This week, it was edible finger painting. Num! It was vanilla pudding (the best vanilla pudding I have ever had) with food coloring. Genius! 

Here is a true Zayd action shot coming up. He has this new thing where if anyone cries or seems hurt (including adults and tiny babies) he immediately starts crying with them. It is kind of endearing, what a sweet empathetic boy, but also a little disconcerting since a baby will be arriving into this house by the end of the year and s/he may tend to cry...

The finger painting worked well as paint until Zayd decided to take a bite. (Not a good sign considering he DIDN'T KNOW it was pudding!)

Then we were mostly aiming to get the most "paint" in our mouths as possible. (You can see here that I have already cleaned his face once.)

The lentil is quick witted and figured out an easier way to get the pudding in his mouth. Who needs hands?

Then he found the easiest way and painting was over.

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