Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meals with my Monster

Despite Zayd very seldom eating all/most/some of what I have put in front of him, he seems to have put on a little weight and has a teeny potbelly! Go Zayd! Make that pediatrician stop looking at Mommy like I'm starving you!

If you come over for a meal, you are likely to be offered food from Zayd's tray:

He will occasionally smile at you, but will also yell A LOT:

When you dine with Zayd, he expects you to clap after every third bite or so. Oh, and he hates to wear his shirt while he eats.

He will be happy to show you his spoon and fork skills:

He might get distracted from the task at hand and set off making elephant noises. You are, again, expected to clap:

He likes to have a multi-sensory dining experience. (It helps to not have a shirt on so you can feel the cold yogurt on your chest and shoulders.)

When he is done, he will tell you so with his rendition of the "all done" sign. Until then, he will sign more as shown below (and above).

On the go, he loves these little pouches of pureed fruit, veggies, and yogurt. Here he is enjoying the Shamu show at SeaWorld.

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