Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kiddie Park with my fave Kiddo

Last week Zayd and I made a duo-trip to Kiddie Park before the place got too hoppin with summer tots and the weather got so hot you'd rather die than sit on a hot metal toddler boat. He is still only big enough to ride the carousel but this time I let him ride on the horse instead of sitting on a bench seat with mom. Granted, I think he hated the freedom, and I was technically holding him on the horse the whole time, but it's still a sign that he is growing up. Before you know it, he'll pick his own carousel horse and ride without fear - one of Kiddie Park's famous 100 year old carved wooden horsies, that is.

PS Follow the Kiddie Park link to find out more about this awesome little spot of history right in Mahncke Park!

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