Monday, May 21, 2012


The cliche that moms don't get any privacy, not even a chance to use the restroom alone, is 100% true. Until you have a kid, you don't realize how true it will be. You just can't wrap your head around it because you never realize how many things you do alone until you aren't alone anymore. In fact, I think Sam has no idea that for 90% of the showers I have taken in the last year, Zayd has been right outside that sliding glass door.

As an infant, he would sleep or scream while in his carseat. I thought in the carseat he was a little elevated so maybe he could see me. I tried taking him with me in a shower sling a few times and that was just a mistake.

As a sitter, I could plop him down on the shaggy rug and give him a toy or two. He would reach for me, but couldn't get to me, so it wasn't impossible to make work.

Once he could cruise or just barely walk, he was so interested in what was in the cabinets (cleaned out to be baby-proofed) and especially what was in my makeup bag that this was my easiest showering period. Ah, months 10-12, how I miss you!

Now, it is a full on war during MY showertime. He doesn't want ME to be showering when we could obviously be playing. He wants to see what happens when he gets things wet but will scream if he gets splashed. Worst of all, he knows how to open the sliding glass doors.

Nowadays, we usually do songs that require a lot of movements while I try to shower. During a lovely rendition of head, shoulders, knees and toes this week I got a crazy surprise. While simultaneously scrubbing my scalp and touching my toes I came up to find Zaydie with the shower doors open and armed with a weapon. And then it came flying at me. I screamed and ducked out of the way. The toilet brush that is usually nestled so carefully in its (disgusting) little toilet brush holder had been wriggled free by the lentil and was coming my way. It missed me, thank goodness, but I did have to share my shower with the brush until I was finished - no way I was putting it back out there with him.

I have no photos to go along with these shenanigans so here are a few of Zaydie during and post his bath this weekend. The cutest. :)

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  1. Haha thanks for a good laugh before bed. He is just too precious for words and is looking very grown up and handsome.