Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zayd is Turning One!

Many many people have asked me what Zayd would like for his birthday. Here are my answers.
  1. Nothing! He is one. He doesn't know he is getting things.
  2. A small donation to his LoneStar529 college fund.
  3. Something to help him discover the world and help his brain grow. Do you have a toy your little one loved? Pass it on!
Big wooden puzzles
Books - his favorite thing!
Things to help him make music!
Items that teach cause and effect - jack in the box for example
Things that stack, sort, etc. Mommy has been reading a lot about Montessori education and it seems sorting plays a huge part!

Mostly, he wants you to read him a story, play paddy-cake, and be patient with him
while he tries to figure out how to be a mature well-behaved boy in this crazy crazy world.

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