Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Return of the Gocco

Fair warning: there are no pictures of my little lentil in this post!!!

Zayd is nearly a year old now! Ah! To celebrate, we are throwing him the best birthday party with a lemony citrus theme at the end of the month. Why lemons, you ask? I found a dairy free Lemon Coconut Bundt cake for my little lemon drop MONTHS ago that inspired the whole shabang!

There are tons of my ideas coming to life on Pinterest on my Party Ideas board right now. Menus are just about crafted, I am working on favor bags, the color scheme is set: yellow!, grey, and white, with paperbag brown as a medium throughout. But! I had yet to send out invites. That was what this weekend was for.

I thought I would reintroduce you all to my lemony friend, the gocco. We spent many months together in 2009 printing wedding invites. See here for proof!

This time, we only had 50 invites to print, and 100 invites later I can tell you that I am moderately pleased with the results. :)

First, we burned the image using a carbon-ized Xerox copy of something I crafted using clip art and Microsoft Publisher. I had forgotten that having to stick those sponges between where you want to ink is a pain. When I designed the wedding invites I was reading about Gocco projects EVERYDAY and really had a better understanding of how to fool proof the process. This time it was more guess and check. Here is our sponged master:

In case you are squinting to read:
Our little lemon drop is turning one
Please join us for some birthday fun
For arts and crafts with a lemony twist
Wear citrus colors if you can't resist!!!

And then we inked. Something I did learn from the last time: don't conserve ink. You have no other use for it! I laughed reading about spreading the ink around for the RSVP cards in the post from many moons ago.

Here is the ink all spread out post smush.

And there are some of our original 50 invites...

Nicely, this also satisfies our photo a day requirement: Fruit! Go figure - this just keeps working out!

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