Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photo Phail

It isn't often that I set out to do something and then find myself incapable of achieving it. This month has already proven itself a whirlwind and we have a work conference, a five day beach vacay in Florida, and a 1st birthday yet to come! I managed to get 2 days of my photo challenge up on the blog. I've been too agitated with myself for not sticking to the challenge to blog about anything else, and that has left Zayd-o-philes without their daily fill. Let me see what I can do to make it up to you!

Your neighborhood - We enjoyed our sweet little neighbor's 2nd birthday and spent about 90 seconds in the bouncy house before vomitting. (Zayd not me.)

Bedside - This is hysterical but this is actually how Sam sets up my bedside every night. There is an art to it, and my technique is not good enough. I will (woefully) admit that Zayd has probably rolled out of my bed 3 times and hit this plush dreamland and only woken up once - without a bump or a cry or anything.

A smile - Didn't get any photos this day. I am sure there were plenty of smiles to go around. Here is a throwback circa 6months. :)

5PM - I got nothin' By five we are usually in the homestretch just before crankiness and on a run. A literal run. Mommy (that's me) is training for a 10K. I suppose I forgot to mention that here on Z's blog. I have lately been feeling the need to say more about what's going on outside of my 12 hours a day with the lentil but not knowing if this is the place. Or if I need more places...(I can't keep more places straight, so that is definitely not the solution.)

Something you Wore - Because Mammens are inherently cool!

Window - Whenever Sam goes outside to mow the lawn or do Daddy-like things in the backyard, Zayd stands at the window and yells Da-da-da-da-da-da. His list of words now includes Mama, Dada, and he snuck a Hot! in this weekend with Nani. He might know Nana too but I can't be sure. He can also wave hello and goodbye, clap, shake his sillies out (its a song), he signs milk and more (though I am not sure if he knows what more is supposed to mean or just that we like doing it...), and he dances.

Red - You can check out some anachronistic red Santa socks in a few of these photos!

Loud - Yes he is.

Someone you Talked to Today - I know I've been trying to predict the lovey for months but I think this little sock monkey might be the Mitt Romney of this contest. They are very close, Zayd and that little minky monkey.

Fork - Nope - we don't have an actual photo. Zayd has an awesome dump trick fork his Auntie Sonia bought him though so we will use the stock photo.

Sign - I am going to take this as a sign that he wants to be a mathematician. That is one giant abacus.

Things I wish had been on the list: Things you covet

And a category for Hugs:

And lastly, we'd like one for Chores: Because he loves to help me with the laundry.

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