Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our first Palindrome!

Zayd has grown by leaps and bounds these last 30ish days.
  • He is a full fledged walker. He walks everywhere until he wants to pick up the pace and then its back down on all fours. He like to walk like the baby of Frankenstein and it is so freaking cute.
  • He signs! I have meaning to tell you all about the afternoon he looked me straight in the face and sign "milk". "Are you saying you want milk Zayd?" I had been signing it at least three meals a day for 10.5 months and I was SHOCKED when he signed it back. It takes a lot of guess work out of our interactions.
  • He is a terror. You will see below. The way I used to LOVE taking him everywhere with me has hit a bump this month (this week, really). He is just soooo active. And he wants to walk; the baby seat in a cart is no longer cutting it. He wants to push the cart. AND HE DOESN'T WANT YOUR HELP. Gosh mom!
  • He laughs. Real little boy belly laughs. Peekaboo is still the best bet to get him really cracking up. It makes up for the never-sitting-still issues.
  • He has stranger danger. He doesn't just pass from person to person anymore. Half the time I can't pass him to Sam. We are working through it. :)
  • He is skinny. Really really skinny. Its all the running around.
  • You will notice that this month there are a ton more pictures sans-hat.
See those ribs!

He still loves the fan.
And mommy!

Celery and carrot sticks. MMMM!

At least in this photo he is reaching for the hat. Probably so he can destroy it.

Here is where you get to see The Little Zayd that Could. We were just running in to target to pick up three things so I didn't bother with a cart. But he wouldn't stay in his stroller. So, I tried to improvise. MISTAKE.

Doing what we do best - gardening.

I can't believe its almost here. The rest of my life is going to fly by.

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