Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our first day in Hollywood, FL kicked off what turned out to be an awesome vacation. Here is a short recap of Day One!

Here we are waiting at the airport and watching for our plane to show up in the early morning hours. Zayd was an excellent traveler and I was so so proud of him. Sam and I were both surprised about how easy the trip TO Florida turned out to be.

I am not sure how Zayd knew he was supposed to hold on during the DFW Skylink ride but he did it instinctually. It was so cute to me.

Headin to the beach!
At first, he was a little timid about the water. He never really warmed up to the idea of swimming in the ocean.

But we had a great time running down the beach with the wind in our hair.

And eventually we got our feet wet!

Relaxin in our awesome Crowne Plaza hotel room.

For dinner we headed to the Hollywood Boardwalk and enjoyed Greek food on the shore. Zayd enjoyed his first Saint Patricks Day. (Don't worry, it's clean and alcohol free at this point?)

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