Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day Two: Hollywood Trolley!

The second day I woke early and took Zayd on a three mile walk to try and compensate for my lack of 10K training that I knew I would come in the days ahead. We went and had an awesome breakfast of a Belgian waffle and scrambled eggs together - his first waffle experience. He had a blast making faces at the retirees in this cute community bagel shop.

During the afternoon, I had to head to work so Sam and Rachel were left in charge of le bebe. He took all his naps so I was a happy mama.

At night we hopped on the Hollywood Trolley - one of my favorite things about this adorable town - and headed back to the boardwalk for dinner.

We contemplated hitting up Le Tub Saloon which aparently had 13 oz burgers good enough to be an Oprah favorite. It turned out that everyone in town had heard about the Oprah endorsement so we decided to pass when we heard about the 1.5 hour wait for food. We ended up enjoying calzones and gnocci, perfect for this little Italian clan.

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