Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Big Boy Bathtime

Things are really changing around here. Zayd is eating all sorts of foods: kiwi is a new favorite, banana, carrot, squash, sweet potato, peas, egg! He is so close to crawling and we are encouraging him on every day. He can hold himself in the crawling position but can't make anything happen. We have filled a HUGE tupperware container with clothes sized NB, -3months, 3 months, and even 3-6 months and moved em out to the garage! He has tons of hats he has outgrown and now that winter is quickly approaching we are taking inventory and stocking up on hats and socks. It seems shoes have also become a necessity!

With all of this change a-brewing, I realized that he just might have outgrown his little blue bathtub. We debated a little on where to graduate him to. Is he ready for the tub? Should we get one of those inflatable tub things? In the end, we went with the option closest to what we have been working with. This way, I can still empty the dishwasher or clean the kitchen while Zayd-y bathes. And we have one further level of graduation where we could move to the full sink side instead of the 1/2 sink side. :)
Thanks mom! This thing rocks!

Adios you old blue bathtub. I was getting cold in you!

Dirty bath water - my favorite!

Who is that good looking boy in the toaster?

The other HUGE advancement is Zayd's THREE TEETH. He was suddenly in need of a toothbrush. I took a million photos, narrowed it down to six and just can't decide which is the cutest. Thoughts?

What is this thing? Wonder how it tastes...

His first bite. What the heck is this?

Is this right?

Nom. Nom. Nom.

The other end is WAY more comfy on my swollen gums.


  1. Ooo- that is a tough one. I vote for photos 1, 4, and 5. I love how big his eyes are in #4 but I can't pick just one- they are ALL cute!

  2. I love the bottom 3 because you can see his handsome face close up! He just gets cuter and cuter every day. How is that possible?!