Sunday, October 23, 2011

BooTanica! A Photo Bomb

Thanks to my sewing machine, a hot glue gun, some old t-shirts, and a short trip to Michael's with my very helpful sister-in-law for brown foam, Zayd's first Halloween costume of the season came together in a little more than two hours. :) (That's right, first ever AND first of the season as we will be debuting another on Halloween proper.)

Many many moons ago, my friend Hannah sent me this photo as inspiration for an easy DIY Halloween costumer for my then unnamed little babe. It comes from an awesome blog and you can find the post here.

So, my rendition is a little different and quite a bit smaller! But he was comfy and adorable. AND wide-eyed as an owl! We spent the day at BooTanica at the Botanical Gardens and it was a fantastic time.

We had a fantastic day and even came home with a decent amount of candy, a snapdragon plant and a 6' tall Live Oak TREE for free. The Botanical Gardens is definitely a membership we will be renewing next year.

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